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Former Soccer Teammate Talks About Previous Allegations Against Lululemon Murder Suspect Brittany Norwood

5:35 PM, Oct 21, 2011   |    comments
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Brittany Norwood was found guilty of first degree murder of co-worker Jayna Murray at the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda, Nov. 3, 2011.

(WUSA) -- The murder trial of Brittany Norwood starts on Monday in Montgomery County, beginning with jury selection.  Norwood is accused of beating to death her Lululemon co-worker Jayna Murray after what police say may have been a confrontation over stolen yoga clothing Murray found in Norwood's bag.

At a recent court hearing, we watched a riveting police videotape of Norwood and her older brother, Christopher talking about the crime at a police station.

He said to Brittany, referring to murder victim Jayna Murray: "Did she accuse you of stealing? Is that what this is all about?"

Brittany responded, "I have never been accused of anything."

Well, apparently she has -- dating back to her days as a college soccer star at Stony Brook University in New York.

"She was really good at soccer. Really strong outside defender. She was very tough. Very strong. Very good in the weight room," remembers Norwood's former teammate, Megan Healey.

"She was very small, but very strong," she said.

"Aggressive?" we asked.

Healey answered, "Yes, yes."

"Temper?" we asked.

"It's hard to say. She was always calm. My parents had made a few comments from the sidelines a few times like, she really took that girl down," said Healey. 

Fellow player Megan Healey bonded with Norwood when their team traveled to Europe for two weeks of pre-season play.

"She was as nice as they come, really friendly, a leader on the team already, great player," said Healey.

But older players on the team issued a stark warning to the freshmen.

"You might want to watch out for her. You might want to keep your stuff close by, keep an eye on your stuff. We're like 'What are you talking about? What does that mean?' And they're like, 'She has a history of stealing stuff,'"said Healey.

In fact, even on the flight home from Europe, a teammate accused Norwood of trying to steal her purse from under an airline seat.

"One of the girls that was a sophomore said, 'Oh my God, oh my God.' Everyone's like, 'What? What?' And she's like, 'Brittany just tried to take my purse!' And Brittany stands up and says, 'What are you talking about? You're crazy,'" she remembered.

Allegations of theft frequently swirled around Norwood.

"She would steal money, she would steal clothing. Clothing was a big thing," said Healey.

Many, including Healey, didn't know what to think.

"Allegation after allegation after allegation is made, you start to think maybe I shouldn't give this person benefit of the doubt anymore," she said.

Court records uncovered by 9News reveal Norwood may have struggled financially. New York State filed a civil suit after she was so far in default on her student loans, she owed nearly 20-thousand dollars.

Even her former U Street hairdresser wrote on a blog that Norwood had ordered imported hair and received a full weave. He wrote, "At the end of her service, she claimed that someone in the salon had stolen her money out of her wallet. I was devastated."

The hairdresser says Norwood promised to return with the money, but never did.

9News has also uncovered records from 2008 indicating Brittany Norwood's landlord had to take her to court when she failed to pay her rent.

Written by Andrea McCarren


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