VIDEO: Carmela dela Rosa Throws Baby Angelyn Ogdoc Off Walkway At Tysons Corner Center (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

8:42 PM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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WARNING: this surveillance video may be considered graphic or disturbing by some viewers. Video shows baby leaving grandmother's arms. DO NOT WATCH if you are not prepared to see this happen.

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- We're getting our first glimpse of some evidence used to convict a grandmother in the murder of her own granddaughter.

Carmela dela Rosa threw the two-year-old off a walkway at a Virginia mall last November. She was found guilty of first degree murder on Thursday.

On the surveillance video from Tysons Corner Center, you can see the Dela Rosa family cross the 45 high bridge from the parking garage into the food court. Carmela dela Rosa is in the big blue jacket. Her husband Leandro, who was holding Angelyn, puts her down.

A few hours later the family exits through the same doors and Carmela who is now holding Angelyn, runs to the railing and with no hesitation throws the child off the bridge.

Seconds later, Carmela's husband, daughter and son run to the stairs.

In the videotaped interview the jury saw, dela Rosa told detectives she planned to do what she did because she was mad at James, the baby's father, whom her daughter had just called.

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