Exclusive: Unprovoked Attack Shatters Man's Jaw; Family says police ignored the case

4:16 PM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Police have stepped up their investigation after a man was attacked with a crow bar, breaking his jaw.

A vicious beating early Saturday morning not only shattered Daniel's jaw but his confidence in DC Police.  "I just want justice," he said.

The 32 year old is orginally from Rockville but now lives in New York and was in DC for business.  He was walking up the 1700 block of Connecticut Avenue when he saw a group of young men fighting.  It was 3AM.  "I tried to go around them when suddenly one of them jumps out at me and hits me with something...and said, 'Pray for your life, bi***!'," he recalled. 

Daniel now believes he was hit with a crow bar. He now has an imprint of one on his arm.  Doctors at GW confirm a mere fist could not have dealt that kind of blow.  His jaw was shattered, his cheek torn, and nerves severed.  Doctors say the injuries were so severe he may have lifelong jaw pain.  "I wish it was me because it is terrible for a mother to see someone in pain like that," said his mother Cynthia.

The family have now become detectives, returning to the crime scene to search for their own clues.  They say police ignored their case, never getting back to the victim until one phone call yesterday - 4 days later.  "Our fear is there's surveillance cameras in the area and maybe by now the tapes have been erased," said the victim's mother, "I feel like they just left us hanging and didn't think this was a priority."

We contacted Metropolitan Police and an email statement a spokesperson tells us, "Detectives began the investigation on the morning of the incident.  Detectives are continuing their investigation on this case to include obtaining and reviewing any video."

Police could not explain why the family had not been contacted until Wednesday - 4 days later.

Friday, an owner of a restaurant in the area where the beating happened told us that in the past two days alone detectives have made several visits to the restaurant, trying to get their hands on surveillance tape. The restaurant owner said he made a copy for that investigation.

Written by Delia Gonçalves


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