Mayor Vincent Gray's Deputy Chief Of Staff Andrea Pringle Resigns

7:23 PM, Sep 7, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- 9NEWS has confirmed that Mayor Gray's deputy chief of staff, Andrea "Andi" Pringle, has resigned. She offered the mayor her resignation and he accepted it.

The resignation comes hours after the mayor fielded reporters questions about Pringle voting in the District after she moved to Maryland and operated a business in the city without the proper license.

Mayor Gray admitted that he was caught by surprise when web journalist and community activist Dorothy Brizill uncovered the information. The administrations own vetting process had okay the hiring.

Later Wednesday night, Mayor Gray issued the following statement:

"This afternoon I accepted the resignation of my Deputy Chief of Staff, Andi Pringle. I appreciate her taking responsibility for her actions. It's important that we not allow any distractions from my administration's focus on its four major priorities: economic development and job creation, education reform, public safety, and responsible fiscal management. And we must do everything we can to restore public trust in our government."

Attached is a copy of Ms. Andrea D. Pringle's resignation letter.

Pringle found herself in trouble with the law just 3 days into her new job as the mayor's Deputy Chief of Staff. According to Dorothy Brizill, city activist and journalist with, Pringle voted in last year's primary in DC when she lived in Montgomery County. 

Brizill filed a complaint with the Board of Elections and they were investigating. Pringle admitted voting after she moved out of the District, saying she did so "with the understanding that, since I had into severed ties with my community nor established residence in Maryland, I should vote at the same precinct that I had for the past 8 years. If this was in error, I apologize."

The felony carries up to 10 years behind bars or a $20,000 fine but the U.S. Attorney will decide if and how she should be punished.

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