DC Ranks Last In Allstate's Safest Drivers Report Card

1:42 AM, Sep 1, 2011   |    comments
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NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WUSA) -- Allstate Insurance ranked the best and worst drivers in America's largest cities and Washington DC comes in dead last. The nation's capital has the worst ranking in the study with the 193rd safest drivers in the nation.

Allstate released its 7th annual "Best Drivers Report" Thursday morning. It ranks the largest cities in the United States in terms of car crash frequency.

The report finds drivers in Washington average 4.8 years between car crashes. That is 107% more likely than the average American driver.

READ THE REPORT: Allstate's rankings of America's safest drivers (PDF File)

Washington also ranked 193 last year. The study only looks at crash rates for the District itself. Suburban counties, cities, and towns are not factored in to Allstate's rankings.

The same report ranked Arlington, Va. 180th in the nation, with drivers having an accident every 6.8 years on average. That's down from a ranking of 174 last year. Baltimore, Md. ranked 192 - just one spot down from the nation's capital.

The top ranked city for safe drivers in the nation is Fort Collins, Colo. Drivers there average 14 years between collisions. They are 28.6% less likely to have a crash compared to drivers nationwide.

After Fort Collins, the top 5 shakes out like this: Boise, Idaho; Lincoln, Neb.; Chandler, Ariz., and Huntsville, Ala.

Phoenix ranks the highest among American cities with over 1 million residents. It came in 55th in the study.

Written by Dan Guzman
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