New Treatment To Improve Osteoarthritic Knees

4:37 PM, Jul 26, 2011   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Felicity Hawes has been an avid runner since 1971. When her knee could no longer support her runner's lifestyle, a new treatment called BioniCare gave Felicity the freedom to run again.

She picked up running almost 40 years ago  and has run over 60-thousand miles including several marathons and a 50 mile ultra race. But over the years the pounding has taken its toll on her left knee.

"About 20 years ago, it started bothering me. But I wouldn't get 8 hours of sleep at night because I'd sleep curled up in a ball, and I couldn't straighten my legs out," says Hawes

In March 2010 Felicity had arthroscopic surgery after her knee finally gave out in November of 2009 while running. But, believe it or not, the 68-year old wasn't ready to stop running so a full knee placement wasn't going to be an option for her.

Her Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula at The Orthopaedic Center suggested she try BinoiCare, an advanced knee brace that delivers a low level pulsed electrical signal to the patient reliving pain from the arthritic knee joint. 

The two aspects of the Bionicare brace are the unloader brace and the night wrap. Each part is of vital importance to minimize the pain and allow the patient to continue any physical activity. The night wrap has the components of the electrical stimulator with the pulse signals without the bulkiness of the unloader brace.

"The goal behind that is to give you a pulse electrical current that will prepare your knee for impact activities," says Dr. Durbhakula. "So the way this works is the more you use it, the more it works. And the way its supposed to be filtered in, is your supposed to use it an hour the first time, and your supposed to slowly build tolerance and the more you use it, the more effective it is."

Bionicare is doing just that for Felicity who's seen improvement and is back out running and training for the Army 10-miler in October.

"She went from taking 5-10 pills a week, to five pills in the last 3 months, which is great. So she's happy, there's less medication affecting her body and most importantly, she still functional and winning races," says Dr. Durbhakula.

"I'm not going to stop running until I can win my age group in my 70's. I'm not going to give up," says Hawes.

To learn more information and testimonials about BioniCare visit the website at


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