Montgomery County Mulls Over Fast-Lane Law Change

6:03 PM, Jul 14, 2011   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA)- - Montgomery County is considering amending the atate law that allows slower drivers to travel in the left lane, as long as they are driving the speed limit.

"That's a wonderful idea," said one driver.

"I'd support that because they're the ones causing the accidents and the traffic back ups," said another driver.

Currently, Maryland law states a driver must leave the left lane only if they are traveling 10MPH below the speed limit. 

Thirty-one states, including nearby Virginia, require drivers in the left lane to yield to faster cars that are approaching - regardless of speed limit.

The idea came from a Montgomery County Police captain. But, council member-at-large George Leventhal isn't convinced changing state law is a good idea. 

"If a driver is going the speed limit and someone comes up behind them and tails them, they should get out of the way? That doesn't sound like highway safety to me," he said.

Written by Delia Goncalves


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