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Forensic Psychiatrist Reacts To Child Dismemberment Crime

10:30 PM, Jul 13, 2011   |    comments
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Leiby Kletzky and Levi Aron (CBS New York)

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Police believe it was a crime of opportunity for alleged killer Levi Aron. But why would anyone dismember a child?

Dr. Michael Stone studies killers. He's a forensic psychiatrist with his own show on Discovery called "Most Evil." He's watching this case closely.

"They don't have the kind of compassion and ordinary ability to put themselves in the feelings of the other person," he said.

Dr. Stone said he believes the alleged killer could be a pedophile that was so blindsided by the aggressive search to find the boy, he killed the victim -- perhaps without raping the boy.

"The fact he dismembered the boy and put some of the body into the refrigerator, is not something you do if his only motive for some odd reason is to kill the boy," Dr. Stone said.

He compares this killer to Jeffrey Dahmer.

"In the case of Dahmer, as you know, chopped up the bodies and had skulls in the refrigerator when the police came," he said.

In both cases, Dahmer and Aron seemed like normal individuals -- the type of people you wouldn't expect to hurt anyone. Dr. Stone said that means it's difficult if not impossible to identify before a crime happens.

But in a case like this, he said there is one thing you can certainly teach your children.

"If you're lost and you have to trust a stranger, for God sakes, go for an older woman because she's not likely to force sex on you and carve you up," he said.

Dr. Stone said women are less likely to harm a child.

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