16 DC Police Officers Arrested So Far This Year

10:20 PM, Jun 16, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)-- Numbers recently released by the Metropolitan Police Department show 16 DC police officers have been arrested this year so far, that's compared to 17 all of last year.

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier is attributing the number of arrests mainly to two things: a troubling economy and an aggressive approach from the department's Internal Affairs division to go after officers suspected of wrong doing.

Lanier said, "It's extremely unfortunate that we have people who have decided to tarnish the badge that they wear...but I think it's also a positive thing that we have not only police officers that are willing to tell on other officers, but we have an aggressive Internal Affairs division. All of these members have been arrested by us."

Most of the arrests deal with DUI and domestic offenses. According to Lanier, "the cases that concern me more are the cases that officers use their positions to engage in criminal activity."

Most recently, DC Police Sergeant Aisha Hackley was arrested after investigators say she stole more than $43,000 from an elderly woman she was supposed to be helping while on the job.

In early June, Richmond Phillips, also a DC Police officer, was arrested and charged in Prince George's County. Police there say he is responsible for the murder of 20-year-old Wynetta Wright, and her 11-month-old baby Jaylin.

It was back in March that 3 DC police officers were arrested following a sting operation where investigators say the trio was trying to knowingly buy stolen goods.

DC Police gave 9NEWS NOW these statistics:

2011 Arrested members -

Assault  (2)

Criminal Activity (6)

DOMV/Assault  (1)


Obstruction of Justice (1)

Fugitive From Justice PG Assault(1)

Theft (1)


TOTAL:  16

2010 Arrested members 

Assault  (1)

Criminal Activity (1)

DOMV/Assault  (6)


Misconduct (4)

SOL Pros (1)

Theft (1)

Traffic (1)

Sexual Misconduct (1)


TOTAL:  17

2009 Arrested Members

Assault (1)

Criminal Activity (1)

Disorderly (1)

DOMV/Assault (10)


Other (1)

SOL Pros (3)


TOTAL:  26

2008 Arrested members

Assault (5)

Criminal Activity (1)

DOMV/Assault (14)

Drinking in Public (1)


Fraud (1)

Misconduct (2)

Reckless Driving (1)

Sexual Misconduct (1)

Sol Pros (1)

Theft (1)





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