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Treating ADHD With Humor

3:13 PM, Jun 10, 2011   |    comments
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College Park, Md (WUSA) -- Research shows over 12-million Americans suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and most don't even know it. Experts say ADHD can be so intense in adults if left untreated can lead to addiction, anxiety, depression and even ruin relationships.

Mara Bayewitz's life is full of sticky notes and calendar reminders to help her get through each day.

Five years ago Mara a mother of three was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

"It changes the whole way that you look at everything when you figure it out, because the whole problem with ADHD is that you try so hard to focus on things that other people just do," Mara tells us.

Experts say despite many myths ADHD is a neurobiological disorder making it difficult for adults like Mara to concentrate, follow directions and remember information.

Those myths are why Rick Green and his partner Patrick McKenna of Totally ADD teamed up with CHADD a national organization that serves children and adults suffering with ADHD and launched "Now What". The two funny man and ADHD suffers are using humor to get the right message out about the disorder.

Rick says, "The goal of this is to have a good time first of all, were comedians so were going to have fun, but underneath all that there is serious hard scientific information here."

He also tells us they want their audience to leave feeling empowered about their illness and many of them do.

"The comments we get at the end of the show are things like, you've just saved my marriage, just 'I understand who I am", he adds.

Mara has started her own support group on facebook and hopes people don't feel shameful about having the disease. She takes medication her ADHD under control along with other coping strategies.

You can learn more about this disorder and the treatments at two performances of "NOW WHAT." The shows are Sunday June 12th at 1p.m. and 6:30p.m at The University of Maryland Clarice Smith Center.  Click here to get tickets to the shows.

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