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Back in the winter of 2000 we instituted the Bread-O-Meter as a way to inform our viewers just how bad the next winter storm was going to be. With the mention of any snow folks flock to the super market so why not use that behavior as a fun way of rating an impending storm. It has always seemed to me that if you were going to be snowed in, wouldn't buying a big roast feed more people for a longer period of time ? The whole notion of stocking up on food is a bit ridiculous when you stop and think about it. I grew up in the Metro Area and yes, we can have some big snows but I have never seen us snowed in for more than a few days. I guess with our fast paced life, endless bombardment of information and exploding technology that when snow is in the forecast it gives people a chance to nest and hunker down. We control and are gaining control of so many aspects of our life that a snow storm is simply something that falls out of that realm. In some ways waiting and preparing for a snow storm somehow transports us back to the pioneer days when weather was a matter of life and death. Anyway, I digress. If we rate a storm a 10 you better watch out. The blizzards of 1996 and 2003 rate a 10 ! Expect to be snowed in one to four days with that rating. A big storm is a 7. Usually 6" - 12" will fall. A 4 is a legitimate storm. The clipper we had that left 3" - 5" was a 4. Then we have the nuisance storm rated at a 1, maybe 2. These produce just enough snow to cause a few problems. We will only use the Bread-O-Meter when a storm is between 12 and 36 hours out. Any farther out than that would be just too inaccurate. Usually when we dust off the Bread-O-Meter some snow is on the way. Topper

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