Aftermarket Device Helps Distracted Drivers

7:12 PM, May 11, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Many new luxury cars include high-tech devices that warn drivers heading for a collision. Now that technology can be installed in any vehicle aftermarket.

In the Metro Washington area last year, 83 people died and another 2,700 were injured in pedestrian or bike accidents involving vehicles, according to AAA.

The CEO of Mobileye, Skip Kinford, said the device costs $930.

"We're the providers to GM, Ford, Volvo," he said.

The small device includes a camera and a small circular alert screen. It sits behind the rear view mirror and beeps to alert drivers. Kinford said it can differentiate between a car, pedestrian, or bike. It also knows whether the vehicle is stopped.

"It will only give notification if you or another vehicle or person is at risk," Kinford said.

John Townsend, spokesman with AAA, said drivers shouldn't rely on this technology alone.

"The most important tool you have is your God-given set of eyes, and keep your two hands on the steering wheel and make driving your number one focus when you're behind the wheel," Townsend said.

Kinford said the device can be purchased online, and the price includes professional installation.



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