Redskins Lineman Albert Haynesworth Offered Plea Deal

3:48 PM, Apr 27, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Prosecutors are offering Redskins lineman Albert Haynesworth a plea deal.

Haynesworth was indicted Tuesday on a charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse.  The charge stems from an incident with a waitress at the W Hotel in mid February.

READ: Plea offer (PDF)

In a document released Wednesday, prosecutors say if Haynesworth agrees to plead guilty to one count of simple assault, they will dismiss the misdemeanor sexual abuse charge.

If Haynesworth accepts the deal, prosecutors would not argue for jail time while he awaits sentencing.

9NEWS NOW'S Delia Goncalves asked Haynesworth's attorney A. Scott Bolden about the deal. He said, "That's not much of a deal."

He's saying no deal because the offer only stands if Haynesworth pleads guilty to a lesser charge of simple assault.

"My client is prepared to fight because he's innocent," said Bolden.

According to new court documents released Wednesday, what the government says happened inside the W Hotel in February is more damaging than we thought. Haynesworth allegedly fondled a waitress' breast while he and his girlfriend attended her cousin's birthday party at the W Hotel's rooftop restaurant.

According to the documents released Wednesday, the waitress, whose hands were full of dishes, suggested she drop them off before taking care of the check, but Haynesworth allegedly insisted on paying, saying, "I'm just going to put my card right here and then slipped it inside of her bra." The documents show that a witness says at first the waitress nodded in agreement, but then become stern when Haynesworth asked something to the effect of, "is that ok?" She told him to stop, but he didn't.

The court documents also say he told security "I didnt' touch her..." and that his waitress was "a little black girl" and that he "do[es]n't even like black girls."

Haynesworth allegedly told police later "I know what this is all about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend...she was trying to get with me."

On Wednesday, his attorney said, "You have 3 or 4 more witnesses from W and the government has bought into their beefed up story."

Despite public opinion, Haynesworth maintains his innocence. He'll have a chance to fight these charges in court May 10. The document states the offer will expire May 17.

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