Alexandria Police may have DNA of killer in Kirby case

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Hundreds of people who think they might have seen a killer have called the Alexandria Police tip line (703) 746-6864 or emailed a tip to

Now, three separate and mysterious murder cases in the city have been assigned to three separate detectives. That pleases Anne Haynes, the widow of Ron Kirby. He was shot in their Alexandria home on November 11th, 2013.

"They tried the door, it was unlocked, they came in and then Ron said, 'Who are you', and they went, bang bang bang," said Haynes.

Haynes says detectives believe the killer opened the front door himself and they are hoping to find his DNA on the door handle. Alexandria Police can neither confirm nor deny that they have the killer's DNA in any of the cases.

Sources tell WUSA9 that a 22-caliber gun was used to kill Kirby, Ruthanne Lodato on February 6th and Nancy Dunning ten years ago. Alexandria Police say the bullets used in all three murders may have been fired by the same small caliber weapon.

"They can't be sure it's one gun, or one killer. They just can't. So, they're keeping their options open and I think that's a good thing," said Haynes.

Haynes does not believe the same person is responsible for all three.

Police say a sketch of an older man with a bread resembles the person who knocked on Lodato's door and fired. Haynes thinks if the same person who killed Lodato killed her husband, his body would have been closer to door. It was near the foyer in the family room. She thinks the person who killed her husband walked in looking for something to steal. Police have no evidence of motive.

"If you think it's one person, then everyone has an obsession that there's a serial killer loose in Alexandria. This guy could have caught a plane and been in California in three or four hours," she said.

Haynes says she is confident Alexandria Police are doing all they can with a detective assigned to each of the three cases. She is also pleased that the FBI is now involved helping to search for leads across the country.

The FBI's involvement gives hope to Nancy Dunning's friends that her murder could finally be solved. Nora Partlow said that having the FBI on the cases "makes a difference."

Partlow, owner of St. Elmo's Coffee Pub, said that the thinking about who killed her friend Nancy Dunning has changed. "I would hate to think there is someone among us who has killed, and then killed again, but it's a possibility," she said.

For the devastated families, it is difficult for them to think about anything else but their loss.

"I ask myself all the time, 'why this house, why Ron, why me,' and, there isn't an answer," said Haynes, holding back tears.

If you have a tip in any of these murder cases, or think you've seen the man in the sketch, call the Alexandria tip line at (703) 746-6864.

There is a $20,000 reward in the Kirby case and a $100,00 reward in the Dunning case.

Written by Peggy Fox.


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