Verizon warns customer of website scam

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- "To redeem your $54 please visit" It's the message Kellen Barranger recently received on his cell phone.

"I got a voice mail from a phone number that showed up as an official Verizon tech support number," Barranger says.

That's what makes this scam so different. The 1-800 number that pops up is the same as Verizon's customer care line. Consumer advocate and co-founder of Identity Theft 911 Adam Levin explains how it works.

"Hackers have the ability to create spoofed caller ID. So, you think you're dealing with an official organization."

Barranger was directed to a website, He was asked for his Verizon username, password even credit card information.

"They can either use credit cards in order to take money from you. Or they can create new accounts based on the fact they have sufficient information from you that they can re-create you, and can convince other people that they are you," Levin says.

Verizon Wireless says it has shut down the fake Verizon 54 website. But, experts warn scammers will find new ways to make money.

Levin says, "Never underestimate the creativity or technological expertise of hackers."

Kellen Barranger never fell for the scam. The cell phone blogger says the voice mail made him suspicious. So, he called Verizon directly and was told it was bogus.

Experts say follow this simple advice. If an offer is too good to be true or strikes you as odd, walk away.


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