"Try It" slices and dices with the Slice O Matic

GAITHERSBURG, Md., (WUSA9) -- At Eat a Little Something Catering, tucked away in a Gaithersburg industrial strip, Freddy Turim and his sous Chef Angela, churn our meals for the day and the week. It starts with the simple, yet time consuming act of slicing.

"We do a couple hundred pounds a week of potatoes, onions, carrots," says he says.

Typically, they use a food processor or meat slicer or their hands to get it all done. But we asked Chef Freddy to see if a different gadget would make this tedious task a little easier.

"Okay Freddy," says WUSA 9 anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster, "this is the Slice O Matic. It says you can slice your prep time in half, just press and slice. We'll see."

The promo for the Slice O Matic says vegetables will glide easily through it's gear system that does the work for you. But, when Freddy tried...

"Let me put a mushroom in there. The problem we were experiencing, that a lot of food got stuck in the food chamber," says Chef Freddy.

Next, Freddy reached for an onion.

He says, "The onion also got stuck in the food chamber, so we just got the one slice out."

Things aren't looking so good for the Slice O Matic, until Freddy grabs a Yukon potato.

"We got a little piece stuck in there at the very end, but it sort of did a nice job on these," he says.

The julienne blade also produced mixed results. Slice O Matic is supposed to work with just one hand. But, Freddy couldn't figure out how to make it work that way. In the end, the sliced up veggies made it into a delicious soup, though, it's hard to see them going anywhere else.

You've sliced, you've julienned but would "Try It" again, asks Lesli Foster.

"Honestly, it was a little more time time consuming," Chef Freddy Turim says.

Freddy says if you can get the Slice O Matic to work, it might be great for using on just a few vegetables. But, he says, it's no match for a high volume industrial kitchen like his.

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