"Try It" puts DRYBOX to the test on two mobile devices

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We don't put mobile phones in water on purpose. But, thousands of times everyday, someone's phone takes an accidental splash in some water.

"About twenty-three hundred to three thousand a day in D.C.," says Ralph Caparotti.

Water used to be the kiss of death. But, the owner of Zagg Phone Repair tat Metro Center says this box can bring your ailing phone back to life.

The DRYBOX claims it's the prescription for your wet phone. It can take all the water out of it in 30 minutes. So, we "Try It" to see.

We brought two Tracfones to take the plunge. To compare the two, we put one phone into a box of rice then the other into the DRYBOX.

"We stick it right here in the straps here," says Caparotti. He closes it up and then we watch the clock.

It is 1:10 pm and he says by 1:40 pm the phone should be dry.

DRYBOX works like a vacuum chamber and claims to take all the moisture int he phone and suck it out in just a half hour.

"We have about 70 percent success rate with phones that have been dropped within 24 to 36 hours," says Ralph Caparotti.

Now, it's time for the moment of truth with our phone.

Caparotti says, "We're going to pull it out, let it sit for five minutes to cool off.

The phone is dry. The battery is back in and it comes on and I see my email.

"This doesn't necessarily work for everybody though," says anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster.

"No, no. You want to try and get your phone in right away when it's been submerged in water," Ralph Caparotti says.

So, the Tracfone we bought turns on and we CAN access email. But, when we try to call out on the phone, we can't seem to get through. When we called Tracfone to troubleshoot the problem, they told us there's an issue with our actual device.

We talked with a customer who tried the DRYBOX and calls it a miracle.

If you're wondering about the cost, it's $10 to test your phone and 39 additional dollars if the process works. For less than $50 bucks you've got a shot at saving hundreds on a new phone.

As for our cell phone in rice, we checked it over three days after we submerged it in water. And, even today, weeks later, it still won't turn on.


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