"Try It" cooks up some spaghetti with the Pasta Boat

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- Most times, pasta gets a bad rap. But in this story, you're going to see a device that claims to make it quicker and easier to prepare.

It is the microwave Pasta Boat. It claims perfect pasta every time, cooks,drains, serves and stores. Anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster wants to "Try It" to see.

Nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge is ready to give the invention a try, but admits she was a little skeptical.

She says, "My first impression was, oh why bother with a pasta boat!"

Katherine follows the directions and puts the pasta in the handle. But this doesn't look like two servings to our health professional. So, she consults her scale.

"Five and a quarter ounces," Tallmadge says.

And, that adds up to more like three servings.

"It's not quite accurate in terms of the amount that they're calling a serving," she says.

Once she gets the serving size just right, she removes the steamer tray to make way for the magic.

"Put the pasta in and look how perfectly it fits, and fill the water up to level four," say the nutritionist.

Then, she puts the pasta into the microwave for 18 minutes.

The Pasta Boat is supposed to use the microwave to heat and keep the water at the perfect temperature. Nine minutes later, in half the time, the handles are cool and the pasta is ready to drain and serve.

Tallmadge says, "Perfect pasta!"

She has the perfect pasta, but when asked if she would try it again, Katherine Tallmadge says, "Absolutely!"


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