"Try It" boils down the Eggies

POTOMAC, Md. (WUSA9) -- You better have time on your hands when it comes to our Try It product of the week. Lopa Thambi agreed to take our challenge.

"The kids love hard boiled eggs. So, I thought the Eggies would be a good solution," the mom of three says.

So, what are Eggies, you ask. It says hard boiled eggs without the shell, never peel a hard boiled egg again. We'll see.

Eggies are supposed to make the days of the old fashioned boil, dip and peel a thing of the past. But, before you can get there, you gotta clean, then oil.

"So that the egg slips out nicely," Lopa says.

Then crack, then aim.

Lopa says, "It's a little messy, as you can see."

And, then lock the plastic egg shapes into place before they take a bath in some very hot water.

"They're supposed to float up," says Lopa Thambi.

Got all that? Once they cook for 15 minutes, it's time to take them out and cool them for up to seven minutes before you serve them.

The first one was a flop, another got stuck. But, once they were plated, they did appear to produce the hard boiled egg without the shell.

Lopa assembled a panel of her children to see if they taste they way they look.

"So, guys, thumbs up or thugs down," asks WUSA 9 anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster.

They give it a thumbs up. But when their mom was asked if should would use Eggies again, Lopa says, "probably not. It was a bit complicated. A lot of steps to it, so I'd probably make it the old fashioned way."

Lopa says, once you get to the stage where you're ready to boil the Eggies, they take about the same amount of time as doing them the regular way.

She says it was fund to do with the kids, but it's not something you'll add to a busy morning routine.

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