Support for Microsoft Windows XP stops tomorrow

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- Windows XP was released in 2001. Microsoft has offered several new operating systems, but millions of Americans never upgraded.

"Even though Windows XP is really old, still 25 to 30 percent of computers are sill running it. A lot of government agencies. A lot of companies," says CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman.

It could be a real problem, soon. Starting April 8, Microsoft will no longer support or upgrade the XP system.

"There really is an XP perfect storm," says Evolve IP's Chief Technology Officer Scott Kinka.

Imagine a wall of defense for your computer. When hackers found a weakness in XP, Microsoft sent out an update to seal security holes. But that support is going away, giving hackers openings to grab personal information.

"Their passwords, their Social Security numbers, their credit card information," Kinka says.

It's not just computers, most ATMs use the XP operating system. But, experts don't believe your money is in danger.

Bank of America and Chase say their ATMs will continue to receive Microsoft support after tomorrow's deadline. Wells Fargo says it is also working with Microsoft to upgrade its machines.

As for personal computers, CNET's Dan Ackerman advises, "If you are still running Windows XP, I would seriously start thinking about getting a new computer."

Ackerman says people who continue to use XP are putting themselves at risk.

Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of Windows 8, if you want to keep your computer.

The software costs about 120 dollars.


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