Enthusiastic bakers put My Lil Pie Maker to the test

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- It's not uncommon for Emily Grossi or Christine Tan to bake a pie a week during the summer. Emily is a food blogger and she showcases just some of the pies she creates. Christine is a stay-at-home mom with a gift for baking, too.

Together, with Christine's crust recipe. "The classic butter pastry recipe is butter, flour, salt, a little bit of sugar and ice water," she says.

And, Emily's filling. "It's blackberries, sugar and a little bit of cornstarch to thicken the natural juices that come off," says Emily.

These two moms, whom WUSA 9 Anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster knows very well, agreed to test out a product that claims to do what they can do.

My Lil' Pie Maker says it's perfect for pies, quiches, potpies and more. Perfect little pies in just minutes. We asked them to "Try It" and we'll see.

Emily and Christine quickly got to work. They rolled the dough and used the mold to cut out lattice tops.

"When we poke out the little diamonds, we have what looks like a lattice crust," Emily says.

Once the cutting is done, it's time to assemble the pies. "Place it gently into the well, press it down on both sides," Christine says.

They fill the remaining wells of the My Lil' Pie Maker as directed.

Emily says, "I'm just gonna put the lattice top above here, and you kinda just pinch it together with a base."

Once they're sealed, it's time to let the oven do the work. Now, these ladies love a good pie. But, when I asked them to try the My Lil' Pie Maker, they weren't so sure about the results.

"I love a glass pie dish, that to me just says pie. I was little skeptical about the silicone which is very wobbly," says Emily.

I like doing things the old school way, but I was open to seeing how it was gonna work," Christine says.

The fruit started bubbling, a good sign, and they were surprised at how good the pies looked. But, when it was time to take the pies out, "See how the top is coming off. The top and base should be pinched together," says Christine.

The ladies thought they needed to cook for more than 30 minutes, and they didn't cool for very long. To compare the taste, we tried one Emily made her way, then sampled the My Lil' Pie Maker version.

The top is good. The bottom tastes a little raw. So, would they try it again? Emily says, it makes a very acceptable pie, not sure I'd try it again because there's a little more effort involved. I would serve it to my husband because he wouldn't care, but I wouldn't host a party and serve it."

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