Dispelling money saving travel myths

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- Travel can be fun but finding a good deal can be taxing.

"I go directly to the websites first like Southwest, United, and I also try different websites like Expedia, Travelocity, try to compare everything to see who has the best deals," says Carlajean Dumlao.

Travel experts say spending hours searching individual sites may be a waste of time.

"There's so much competition between Orbitz, Kayack and Priceline, and they're often sharing information together. Poking around, you're not going to get that much more of a benefit, save time and frustration," says Ross Kenneth Urken.

Believe booking far in advance is the secret to the best price, well the personal finance expert says, "Airlines know that if you're booking nine months in advance for a wedding, you're actually needing to take that ticket. They seize the opportunity to charge premium prices."

Booking a flight six weeks to three months is better, while Tuesday is the cheaper day to fly. But, the idea of saving money buying a ticket on a particular day is also a myth. And talking your way into an upgrade may work on rare occasions.

"If you know how to talk the talk," an airline passenger says.

It usually doesn't pay off.

Urken says, "You're not Jason Bourne. You're not James Bond."

The real secret to flying cheap, experts say, is flexibility.

And, if you believe airlines discount the price of tickets before a flight departs, that's a myth too. The truth is most flights are full or oversold, so there's no need for air carriers to sell tickets at the last minute.


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