Customers credit and debit cards breached at local co-op

GREENBELT, Md., We've got a Call For Action "heads up" for you.

If you shopped at the Co-op Grocery in Greenbelt, Maryland pay close attention to your bank statements.

The store put up a sign last week that says, "all credit and debit card services are temporarily disabled while issues are being resolved."

But, they didn't specify what those "issues" were. Turns out, there was a breach in their system that exposed the credit and debit card information for people who shopped there.

One shopper tells us someone starting racking up charges on her card within a week after she used her card at the store.

The personnel manager confirmed there was a breach, but did not know where it cam from.

It's not just the big stores like Target that can get hit. Mom and pop stores can be compromised, too. So, watch your statements like a hawk.

If you spot a charge that doesn't look right, call your bank or credit card company.

And, if you have an issue that you want our Call For Action team to help investigate, click here and file a complaint online or call our hotline at 301-652-HELP. (4357).


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