Automakers race to get self-drive cars on the road

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- "It's so cute!", says one test driver.

Google believes this is the car of the future. They showed off a video of people taking a spin in its self driving vehicle.

"There's not a steering wheel in the way," says another test driver.

No steering wheel, no pedal, just a button and sensors to self-drive the electric car.

"I love this!", shouts another participant.

Google designed its prototype model.

For years, the company has tested its technology in Toyota made vehicles. CNET's Seth Rosenblatt recently rode in a Lexus that uses a huge roof sensor to navigate the road.

"It sees pedestrians. It sees other cars. It knows when a lane splitting motorcycle is coming up," he says.

Nissan, Mercedes and Volvo are road testing their own self-driving vehicles.

The cars that also allow drivers to take the wheel could go on sale by 2020 or earlier.

Google has a similar timeline and plans to build at least 100 of these cars for testing purposes.

The company does not want to make the cars, but looks to partner with an automaker to help get its driver-less technology on the road.


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