Airport check in, bereavement fares and GM investigation

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- The Department of Homeland Security wants to speed up security lines at airports. And, it's calling on technology companies to help develop a new security scanner where passengers will not have to remove their shoes, belts and jackets.

DHS wants the new screening system to automatically detect threats. But, the process is expected to take years. So, don't expect to see the new scanner at your local airport anytime soon.

American Airlines says it will no longer offer bereavement fares to passengers. The reduced priced ticket rates were available to people who had to book last minute flights because of a death in the family. American plans to adopt the policy of its merger partner, U.S. Airways, that offers passengers the option to buy changeable and refundable fares instead.

And, the federal government has launched an investigation into whether General Motors waited too long to recall more than a million older model vehicles for a defective ignition switch.

The problem, which surfaced over a decade ago, can cause the vehicle's engine to unexpectedly shutdown and lead to a crash.

So, far, 31 frontal crashes and at least 13 deaths are linked to crashes related to the faulty ignition.


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