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Monday, June 9

'Lose Weight with Dessert? Nonsurgical Solutions for Heel Pain; Anorexia Recovery on Instagram; Ask Our Docs: Overactive Bladder; Hospital Death Rates on the Rise'

How safe is your hospital? THE DOCTORS discusses startling new statistics on medical mistakes and mortality rates. Then, hindered by heel pain? See the newest, nonsurgical fixes for your feet. Plus, slim down with sweets? Diet expert Jorge Cruise shares calorie-cutting recipes for your favorite desserts.

Tuesday, June 10

'Man Dies from Caffeine Overdose? Virginity Testing; Pediatric Acne; Shocking Cyst Removal'

Death by caffeine? Tests to determine a woman's marriageability?THE DOCTORS weighs in on the most controversial and bizarre medical news. Then, THE DOCTORS tackles audience members' most pressing health questions. Plus, one of the most shocking procedures ever performed on the show!

Wednesday, June 11

'Dr. Phil Comes Clean About a BIG Secret; Ultimate Foot Makeover; Adult Acne Solutions; Fixing a Fistula; Life-Changing House Call'

Dr. Phil McGraw fixes a big rumor about his appearance! Then, a woman born with 12 toes receives a life-changing
corrective surgery. Plus, surprising habits that can cause your skin to break out. And, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears makes a house call to help a teenage girl suffering from a rare genetic disease.

Thursday, June 12

'Medical Condition Mistaken for Child Abuse? High-Tech Knee Replacement Surgery; Severe Acne or Something Worse? Doctor on Demand'

Wrongfully accused of child abuse: Two couples share harrowing stories of how a medical misdiagnosis caused them to lose custody of their babies. Then, suffering from persistent knee pain? See how cutting-edge , GPS-like technology is being used to provide a precise surgical solution.

Friday, June 13

'Girl with Half a Face; Shocking New Research on C-Sections; Country Singer Mark Wills'

THE DOCTORS shares the touching story of a teenage girl suffering from severe facial tumors. See the bold action she took to help stop years of bullying. Plus, one mother's emotional journey of raising children with special needs. And, a controversial C-section study that every expectant mom should know about.


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