Let's Be Real: Wrestling Should Never Have Been Dropped

(WUSA) -- No matter how you feel about bringing wrestling back to the Olympics there are any number folks who say it should never have been dumped in the first place.

There is no way wrestling should be out of the Olympics. Sure, real wrestling, basically two guys in unitards rolling around on a mat, can be a little dry for the uninitiated which is why they invented UFC, the fake wrestling, with guys jumping off the ropes etcetera. Fun!

But that said, the real wrestling is one of the basics of human competition, pure sport as in whose stronger, whose faster, whose tougher.

Now the International Olympic committee says it's not that wrestling's not great, it's that the 25 core sports they chose instead were simply greater.

Really? Because I'm having a hard time when that list includes things like rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. I know, everyone likes to pick on those two but there's a reason for that. They're not sports! No doubt they're both really, really hard.

The Olympics is about athletic competition not exhibition. That means you versus me and may the strongest and fastest win.

That is wrestling! I don't think they've ever had a summer Olympics without it. I just don't think they should, otherwise one day your kids will think this guy [Hulk Hogan], is a wrestler.


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