Let's Be Real: Why You Don't Care About Sequestration

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We've been beating this story to death for weeks now, the Evil Sequester is coming, four days to go, hide your children, save your money!

So imagine my surprise when I see that new Washington Post-Pew Center poll says three out of four Americans not only don't care much about this story, they don't even know much about this story.

And how do you square that with a USA Today survey found 60 percent are worried the sequester will have a major effect on the economy?

Then, tonight, it hit me, you're over it, aren't you? I'm talking about this whole government by crisis thing. Over and over again, the government takes us to brink, maybe even over the brink for a minute and America's credit rating goes down.

But at the end of the day, we're still here, right? It's human nature, you can only be scared for so long and then you get bored.

Like President George W. Bush said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you can't get fooled again."

Sure you know the Sequester may cause some pain but experience tells you they'll figure something out before it gets too bad, so why bother getting all worked up?

Old George W. called that the soft bigotry of low expectations. He was talking about struggling school kids who can't seem to get it right. Well, so am I.


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