Let's Be Real: Why The NFL Doesn't Care About the Monday Night Meltdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - It's a measure of how much America loves the NFL that a blown call in a football game is all anyone is talking about around water coolers everywhere. But it's also a measure of what we fans have let the sport that we love get away with.

First of all, how did the control freaks over at the NFL ever let this happen? These are the folks who said, you can celebrate in the end zone, but not too much; Who have fined players who let their jersey's shirt tails pop out or their socks slide down; and a decade ago, actually managed to Bogart an ESPN hit series off the air -- alll for the protection of their "product."

So how can it possibly make sense to let "the product" deteriorate at the hands of amateur hour referees who don't know what they're doing? Because football is not really what the NFL is selling. It's only the vehicle to get your eyeballs on the TV And that makes for the big ratings and the big dollars that come with them.

And despite the Monday night fiasco and everything else that's gone wrong with these replacement referees, your eyeballs aren't going anywhere, right? In fact, I'd argue that now ratings might go up as folks tune in to see what those hilarious substitute refs will do next.

People call the team owners arrogant, but what they really are is big business, who are gonna do exactly what's right for them, unless of course, we decide that what's right for us is finding something else to do on Sunday afternoons. You go first. I'm right behind ya.


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