Let's Be Real: What Would Mom Do?

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- I'm posing a new question for our broken politics --WWMD, as in what would mom do?

Because mom can't fly home to the District and blame the mess on those guys in Washington. Mom has to deal with issues at hand.
First of all, I think she'd find a way to make peace.

After all, what's a sequester to a woman who can split two drumsticks between 3 kids with almost no hitting?

The second thing is mom has no problem telling her audience what they don't wanna hear like eat the brussel sprouts or taking out the garbage is part of your responsibility or there's things even I cannot do for you.

Thirdly was, no matter how mad we all get at each other, mom, our leader, tries to be an honest broker scrupulously fair and if she had a favorite which I'm sure she does, you never quite figure out who it is.

But most importantly, everybody in the house has gotta know that the one unbreakable thing about mom is her love for all of us.

Even when we're mad at her there's nothing she won't do to keep you safe. If motherhood were like democracy she'd risk getting voted out everyday if it meant doing the right thing. But if democracy were more like motherhood, that would be a risk our elected leaders would gladly take.


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