Let's Be Real: Weighty Issue

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Tonight we reported that experts now say a few extra pounds might actually be good for you in the long run, with of course the emphasis on the words "a few."
Sure sounds like good news in a country that has been gaining weight and getting more worried about it for decades.

But I'm not quite ready to celebrate. I remember when my Dad would periodically ban various foods from the house when some new study came out suggesting they were bad for you. Don't eat butter, use margarine. Eggs are bad for your cholesterol. And even a cup or two of coffee is bad for your heart.

All conventional medical wisdom at one time or another, that is, until it wasn't. My Dad even used to drink the water that our canned vegetables had been cooked in. He'd read somewhere that's where most of the nutrients were.

Okay, so dad was a bit of health nut. But you can't blame him for getting confused. Remember when they had us taking googobs of Vitamin E? Protects from heart attacks and maybe cancer, they thought, until they found out the folks downing all those anti-xoidants were actually a bit more likely to die than the rest of us. Now I'd therefore love to blow off all this often-conflicting medical advice especially when they tell me to cut back on french fries and gummi bears

But let's be real: some things we do know: smoking will kill you,
there's a reason they call this morbidly obese, and there is such a thing as too much of anything.

Three rules that probably wouldn't be extreme enough for Dad, but just might work out for most of the rest of us.


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