Let's Be Real: We Knew This Was Coming

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --They call this Patriots Day in Boston, a big American style sports holiday with millions off from work and lining the street for the marathon.

Which is why someone likely decided it would be perfect for a devastating attack. But the fact is, this was a day we've all been dreading for a while now. When someone is angry enough or crazy enough to want to hurt innocent strangers would figure out a way to do it, again.

And we are once again left with our grief, our rage, and a whole lot of aching questions like who would do this? And how come our security wasn't enough to stop it?

Because we all know just how much freedom Americans have sacrificed since 9-11 to put the brakes on just this sort of thing.

And frankly, we've grown accustomed to the metal detectors, the new security rules, and the bomb squad descending on every misplaced lunch box. This is the new normal they told us. But what you don't hear so much is that this new normal also means living with the knowledge that the bad guys are gonna get through sometimes. Someone once said, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

But let's be real: the test of liberty is what we do after realizing in a free society vigilance can only take you so far.


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