Let's Be Real: VA Governor's race needs new blood

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Just a few days ago, I was lucky enough to moderate a forum for Virginia's two gubernatorial candidates, Republican Attorney General Ken Cucinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Both of them did fine, I guess. But like a lot of you, I came away thinking: Is this the best we've got?

Cucinellia say that Mcauliffe is a left wing liberal with tenuous ties to the state who is afraid to debate one on one and is a bit slippery on some of the tough issues.

On the other hand, Cucinelli is characterized as a right wing ideologue who would rather not spend more state money on desperately needed roads and wants to cut taxes without saying how he'll pay for it.

Both assessments, sadly, are just true enough to be disheartning... at least to some of us.

So then why isn't anyone talking about Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate?

I know what you're thinking, but both sides will find things to like and dislike about him.

For example, take gay marriage. Sarvis says who you love is none of the government's business. He says the same about your right to bear arms or smoke pot.

Less government and more local control are his constant themes.

No, he has never held elected office before, but neither has Mcauliffe.

And Let's be Real... I'm not saying vote for the guy, and maybe he can't win, but in a contest some have described as a race to the bottom, Robert Sarvis at least oughta be a part of the conversation.


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