Let's Be Real: Trayvon Martin Case

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- In tonight's Let's Be Real, from her first "yes" to her last "yes sir", the young woman entrusted to bring Trayvon Martin's last moments to life, has been pulled apart and dissected herself.

Rachel Jeantel tried to tell a Sanford, Florida court about how her friend Trayvon had been followed by a "creepy" guy.

She tried to fill in the gaps about the encounter between the two of them that ended in "get off", a gun shot and phone and life gone dead.

But most people didn't hear those words.

Instead, they have criticized her speech, her appearance and her credibility.

Through the television screen, I was struck by something else.

While I don't know much about her personal story, I do know many people had to have failed this young woman. She says she speaks three languages, but she's not able to read or write in cursive. At 19, she's just completed her junior year in high school.

Clearly, a whole lot of people missed an opportunity to give her a chance.

What's most heartbreaking, is that there are a lot of Rachel's out there. The people no one want to see. But there's something we all need to remember.

Let's Be Real, Rachel Jeantel is not the one on trial.

Rachel just happened to be on the other end of a phone when a friend met his untimely end. She has been thrust onto the national stage but I hope there's support for her too when she exits the wings.


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