Let's Be Real: Tipping is Getting Out of Hand

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- I recall one time back in my early 20's when a waiter actually followed a group of us out of a restaurant furious because we'd left only a 10 percent tip.

His service had been, shall we say, inattentive? But he was insistent -- it supposed to be 15 percent he declared. Well imagine how angry that guy would be today, 15 percent? Please, even the 20 percent tip, once reserved for truly stellar service, has become merely average.

Twenty-five percent is preferred regardless of the level of service provided, according to the New York Post. I guess it is. You know I paid a taxi with a credit card the other day and they had suggested tips on the tiny computer screen, of get this -- 20, 25 or 30 percent.

Is it just me or is it all getting a bit extreme?

Look I know service people work hard and you never want to stiff anybody and guys I know you feel like a baller when you leave a big tip. Me too.

But somewhere along the line tipping got to be less about rewarding great service and more about living up to someone else's great expectations.

So how about this? Treat me well and I promise I will tip you well. But if I don't its because you didn't and you won't have to follow me outside to understand why.


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