Let's Be Real: The Royal Baby

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Tonight, I've got an exclusive, the five questions no one is asking about the royal infant a.k.a Prince Charming a.k.a 'p to the chissle'.

Question #5: when does the fun start?

Seriously, this kid will grow up as the celebrity's celebrity, which is great if you favor boarding school and crazy paparazzi, but not so cool for just hanging at the mall with your friends.

Which brings us to question #4: when will we officially grow sick of all things royal baby?

Sure you love him now, but tell me: Remember when you couldn't get enough of Blue Ivy Carter either?

Question #3: What's it like to have the best most fun uncle in the whole universe?

Question #2: What's it like to have the stiffest most boring grand dad in the whole universe?

And the #1 question no one is asking about the royal baby: Will he ever get to be king?

Think about it, the queen is 87 and her mom lived to be 101. Grandad Charles is still Prince at 64 and the royal dad, William is only 31.

'P-chissle' I hate to break it to ya, but you may have to think about another line of work.


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