Lets Be Real: The Power of Dads

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- I'm talking about the power of Dads tonight, because that's a big part of what Prince Geroge's County states Attorney Angela Alsobrooks is talking about when she says something is wrong with our village when a kid shoots another kid for a pair shoes.

There are no simple answers but we do know this: 72 percent of African American kids today are born to moms without husbands, that's almost three out of four.

And while I know most of those women are doing their absolute best for their kids, can we agree they shoudln't have to work quite so hard?

And I gotta wonder tonight, did any of those five thugs arrested for allegedly shooting Charles Walker in the back for his shoes did any of them come from a home with a dad?

Every society wrestles with how to handle the energy and aggressiveness of its young single men, they have rights of passage, they have marriage and work to settle them down but mostly they have other men who've come before and show the way.

Today, we call them role models. And in a village painfully short on the power of Dads, a few good mentors just may save more lives than a whole army of good cops.


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