Let's Be Real: Shop 'til you drop

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The traditional Black Friday shopping craze has crept back into Thanksgiving Thursday...as more and more retailers will open Thursday night to get a jump on the competition.

But while some are crying 'how could this happen?' The more relevant question is: how could it not?

It was inevitable. Matter of fact, I'm amazed its taken this long for retailers to figure out the only thing keeping them from opening their doors on Thanksgiving day was a sense of propriety.

What does propriety mean in a world where I took a photo of Santa in the neighborhood convenience store sitting among the beer cans a full 2 weeks ago?

And what's funny is last year some of you complained bitterly because a few stores were opening at midnight Thanksgiving night instead of waiting for a more civilized 5 a.m. But this year you'll have barely digested your turkey before Walmart and others fling open their doors at Thursday at 8 p.m.

Yeah, its crazy but in a market where shoppers go online without even leaving the table how long did you really figure the brick and mortar guys would be able to hold the line?

And its only going to get worse. Next year Thanksgiving day sales at noon, shop before dinner! Oh it's coming, and there's only one way to stop it and it's a long shot. Don't go! That's right. Stay home with your family!

I know for some of you passing up all those sales would feel insane. But let's be real-- is it any more insane than going through a crazy crowd for a great deal on a blue ray? Seriously?


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