Let's Be Real: RGIII ain't perfect but he's no diva either

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Is he superhero quarterback or a loose lipped Diva only concerned with his own playing time?

Believe it or not, this is the question being raised in some quarters after this week's public feud between Robert Griffin the third and coach Mike Shanahan over when he ought to be allowed back on the field.

But if there really is an RGIII backlash, we should have seen this coming because up until now, Robert Griffin the third has been just about perfect off the field, never saying the wrong thing but rarely sounding cliched, going out of his way for the fans; all while displaying that delicate combination of ego and humility required of those whom the fickle fan base would love.

Surely it was too good to last and this week, it happened.

Griffin, frustrated and impatient told us he doesn't quite understand Coach Shanahan's 'plan' for bringing him along slowly from that knee injury, apparently doesn't quite trust it either. Not only did that earn him a scolding by Jason Reid of the Washington Post, who said RGIII needs to "zip It". But it was the fans commenting online that surprised me, turning on their hero calling him, among other things, a thin-skinned diva who needs to grow up.

Whoa!Months ago I said we were all drinking too much Robert Griffin koolaid, but I'm not ready to go cold turkey either.

Let's Be Real: Griffin was never so perfect as we built him up to be. But nor is he a bonehead or a thin skinned diva. He's merely supremely gifted 23-year-old whose going to make some mistakes. Let him. Enjoy him. Most of all, give the guy a break.


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