Let's Be Real: Men Can Wear Spanks Too!

(WUSA9) --This one is for all of us guys over the age of 50, who one day woke up, looked in the mirror and said "how the hell did this happen?"

Your once vaunted six pack now looks to be hosting a keg party and you can no longer deny the approach of the dreaded man boobs. What to do? What to do??!!

Well, you could launch into some all out P-90 insanity exercise regime but that seems a bit too much like hard work and besides you know we'd have to cut back on the beer chips and pizza.

No, instead do what the ladies do. Talk about working out and dieting but never leave the house without sliding into one of these: That's right, I'm talking spanx for dudes.

Manx some people call 'em. I know, I know, feels somehow fake or dishonest right? Well, ever get taken in by that little piece of urban camouflage known as the wonder bra?

Yeah, see how happy she looks? Fellas it's our turn and don't worry-- when you give her a hug she'll figure either you've been working out or you're expecting an assassination attempt.

Besides what's worse, a set of man spanks or a set man boobs?


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