Let's Be Real: It's All About The Benjamins

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - The D.C. council had a marathon 12 hour meeting last night, and a story few seemed to notice is the one that caught my eye. The council voted to cut the speed camera fines, this time from 100 bucks down to 75 for your basic violation.

All this over the vehement opposition from Mayor Gray, because he said it would cost the city tens of millions of dollars. Public safety? I'm told that never came up. Just that the council better not cut those fines unless they've got a way to make up that cash.

And isn't that kinda what we've suspected all along? Sure, the Mayor says he wants people to slow down, but he loves the money that comes in when we go too fast. Heck the city's addicted to it. It's like a tax on fast drivers.

And when you think about it: how bizarre is it to hope that tax brings in as much money as possible? I don't like speed cameras looking over my shoulder any more than most of you do, but on balance they're a good thing, although ripe for abuse. At least someone up there is trying to keep it in check.


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