Let's Be Real: Is TV A Vast Wasteland?

WASHINGTON,D.C. (WUSA) - You don't have to be an old timer to know that Angus T-Jones is far from the first person to complain about television's low moral standards.

Even I am not old enough to remember 1961 when then FCC chairman Newton Minnow called television a vast wasteland. And in that same speech, he went on to complain about, listen to this, game shows, violence, formula comedies about totally unbelievable families, murder, private eyes, gangsters, and cartoons. 1961.

Ironically, fast forward a half century and there is far more of all the things Minnow complained about, yet I'd argue television is drastically better than it has ever been. More quality shows than you can fit on your DVR. Sure, there is also more trash and sleaze as well, but my tasteless drivel might be your favorite show or vice versa. 500 channels of total choice, a place for monsters...and monsters. Naked ladies or naked ladies. This is the golden age of television, folks. The vast wasteland is long gone.

So when someone like Angus T-Jones says some show is just awful and shouldn't be watched, there's no shortage of alternatives. And let's be real. The likelihood is, with so much to choose from, you probably never watched that show anyhow.


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