Let's Be Real: Is Ed Snowden Hero or Traitor?

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Is he hero or goat? Traitor to all we hold dear or crusader for the privacy of the common man?

Tonight, I've got a better question: Since when was it ever that simple?

First of all, I believe Snowden believed the NSA snooping was violating our constitution and was he serious enough about that to sacrifice pretty much everything he had to reveal it and unlike so many, he did not hide his identity.

All of that speaks to certain levels of integrity. On the other hand, a truly honorable man would come home to face the music.

Also, Snowden did have other options open to him short of going public. He could have gone to congress or the NSA inspector general. In fact, The Washington Post only used a fraction of the material Snowden leaked for fear of damaging national security.

So with all the good intentions in the world, Ed Snowden may have made his country a little less safe. Because of that, I cannot join those of you hailing him as a hero.

On the other hand, we are having a really important conversation about what's left of our right to privacy and isn't a traitor someone who sells out his country with malicious intent?

Ed Snowden is not that guy. And I'm glad of that. Even though It would have made things a lot simpler.


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