Let's Be Real: Debates Can Be Great

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - For years now, people have complained that debates are boring. Why can't we have a more freewheeling discussion, they say. Let candidates ask each other questions, they say.

Well, now you see what that looks like, and frankly, I think it's great. Candidates out from behind the podiums, answering some very good questions from real voters and having to defend their ideas--mostly from each other.

Add to that a razor-close election. You've got maybe the best presidential debate ever. Or at the very least the most entertaining.

Now some will complain it was hard to figure who was telling the truth as both men kept arguing the other guy was lying. Well, that's what fact checkers are for, people.

But remember debates are not position papers. They are, or at least they should be, your chance to see whether your candidate can make a real world case for what he or she believes. And then battle back when the other guy says something unexpected. It's not perfect.

And sure, Tuesday night got a little uncomfortable at times, and perhaps some candidates may want to go back to podiums and time limits, but if that happens i'm betting many of us citizens will vote with our feet ,or rather, our index finger.


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