Let's Be Real: Candidates Need A Reality Check On Sacrifice

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - If there's one complaint we've heard about this political season, it's that our leaders and their potential replacements are playing SMALL ball, when our actual challenges are as BIG as can be. There may be a solution.

I'd take both the President and Mitt Romney down to New Orleans and give them a tour of their World War Two museum. I went through there a few weeks back, and let me tell you, it's not so much a history lesson on our glorious past as it is no-holds-barred reminder of how tough that past actually was.

I figure when your whole generation is going to war, and back home they were rationing steel, rubber and even food, it probably didn't feel all that glorious. And this went on for years. Nobody loved it. Everybody lived it.

But today sacrifice is a dirty word in politics. And you can bet you won't hear it from either candidate in Wednesday's debate. They're afraid. And I continue to believe they are wrong about Americans. Dudes! How about a little more courage, a little more leadership? How about spending less time telling us how great we are...and more about how great we can be, once we make some admittedly difficult choices?

Let's be real: we are starving for that kind of leadership. I think if one of them were brave enough to ask, I think we would be brave enough to come through. After all, we've done it before.


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