Quick and delicious seasonal tapas recipe

TapaBar’s Gazpacho is an easy to prepare dish that perfectly utilizes these lovely vegetables in a way that lets Mother Nature be the star! Let us know what you think! 
850 g Very ripe tomatoes
100 g Red Peppers
500 g Cucumber 
30 g French bread cut into small squares
25 g red onions
20 g Red wine or sherry vinegar
45 g Extra virgin olive oil
1 Garlic clove
12 g Salt
Cut all ingredients and place in a shallow container. Let marinate together for at least an hour. Blend and correct seasoning
For the inevitable excess of fresh vegetables, the backyard farmer will have – Chef Alonso suggests pickling in the Spanish tradition so that you can enjoy your bounty through the winter.
 Pickled Vegetables
Pickling is an age-old technique used to preserve vegetables. Now that it's fall this technique can be used to preserve your garden or farmers market vegetables throughout the winter. 
Carrots, peeled, trimmed and sliced. May also use baby carrots. Just wash and trim, no need to peel baby carrots.
Cucumbers cut in half lengthwise, seeds scooped out, then sliced on a bias
Red or any type of peppers from your garden or farmers market
Cauliflower cut into small pieces
Mixed baby parsnips, peeled, trimmed and cut into quarters
Fennel bulb, sliced
Green onions or young leeks, tops trimmed
Garlic cloves or pearl onions, peeled and trimmed
Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt until it “tastes like the ocean.” Get a large bowl of water and plenty of ice ready. Submerge vegetables in the hot water for 20 seconds and immediately place in water and ice mixture. Once cooled, drain through a colander. Arrange vegetables in “layers” in glass containers or mason jars with lids. Bring pickling liquid to a boil and pour over vegetables. Allow to cool to room temperature, cover with lid and place in the refrigerator for a week. At this point they’ll be ready to eat and they will keep for up to a couple of months. 
Pickling Liquid
1250 g water
500 g distilled white vinegar
50 g salt
175 g sugar
3 g turmeric (for cucumbers and cauliflower)
Whole spices such as star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves, bay leaves, allspice, coriander and black peppercorns may be used to add specific flavor profiles. Just add to the liquid before bringing to a boil. You may leave spices in liquid for stronger and more rounded flavor or strain before pouring onto vegetables.
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