A flip in the pattern over the next several days. It's cool mid-week but a big warming trend is in our future. A heat wave develops this weekend and lasts into next week.

It will be cool today and quite pleasant and seasonable for Friday. But watch the pattern flip and warming trend into the weekend. Sunday's high will be more than 20 degrees warmer than Wednesday's.

It looks like this warming trend will be the real deal and our first heat wave of meteorological summer. We're expecting upper 80s and 90s to arrive by Saturday and last through the end of next week. It's all do to ridging, or dominating high pressure. Under that dome of high pressure, heat is trapped in and incoming weather systems are diminished by an overall downward, sinking movement of air. Storms aren't able to build, which leaves a dry pattern in place.

High temperatures look to stay in the 90s through the end of next week. This looks to likely be our first real heat wave of this meteorological summer. For a closer look at the forecast, click here.