Parts of DC underwater, submerged, uninhabitable... all due to extreme sea level rise. This is what new rendered images depict, recently released by Climate Central. This rise in sea level is not out of the realm of possibilities before the year 2100, based on the latest scientific data and research from NOAA.


Look at these before vs. after photos of present day vs. 2100. East Potomac Park, Haines point, and parts of Fort McNair would sit submerged. Imagine this for DC... popular tourists destinations and 7500 Denizen's homes all at risk to inundation. 

The point of these images is not to start a panic - but to send a message of what is a feasible possibility over the next 100 years if no action against carbon emissions is taken, and if recent research suggesting parts of the Antarctic sea ice sheet collapsing sooner than previously anticipated. This scenario would lead to a 10 to 12 foot rise in sea levels by the year 2100.Further into the future, that number could go up. This is what the Washington Monument and reflection looks like now versus if there was a sea level rise of 20 feet:

It doesn't just impact DC, but hundreds of other cities and towns located near the coast. Even Mar-A-Lago in Florida!

To see more high-resolution images around the US of locations that could be impacted by rising sea levels, you can visit the Climate Central website.