If you have allergies – it’s not your week! The pollen count has been more than 80 percent above the average count for mid-April. The weather is a big contributing factor to why the pollen is so extreme this week.

Monday’s total count was 903 grains per cubic meter when the usual daily average is just under 500 grains per cubic meter. Tree pollen levels remain in the ‘high’ range.

Trees took advantage of the 80s the past two days, releasing a potpourri of pollen into the air. Oak, birch, and pine family trees are the main culprits. You may start to notice that thin yellow-green film of pollen on the cars outside. April is typically our most prolific pollen month – so grasses and some early pollinating weed species will also join the parade of pollen in the weeks to come.

If YOU are an allergy sufferer – hang in there – pollen levels will be declining in a few weeks. In the meantime – stay in the A/C and keep a box of Kleenex nearby!