Father's Day weekend will feature both heat and the chance for showers and t-storms. Saturday or Sunday don't look to be washouts, but rather days to keep an eye to the sky. We've issued a Yellow Weather Alert Saturday for the potential for these storms that could impact plans.

So let's talk about the forecast for some dads favorite activities!

1. Golf - A little steamy out on the course this weekend. Early morning tee times will be more enjoyable for dads. If they're teeing of in the afternoons, it will be hot and muggy with a few storms.

2. Fishing - It may be nice to be by the water and fish, whether that be on the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Anna, or a river. The water will reflect any sunshine, so send dad out the door with extra sunscreen.

3. Grilling - nothing goes better on a hot summer weekend than dad's favorite brats or a nice steak! Most storm chances each day will happen in the mid-afternoon, but a couple could linger into 'grilling time' in the early evening. The heat from the grill accompanied by the hot summer sun may make dad ask for his favorite summer brew or a large glass of ice water.